New 4-port Feed Network Product

March 1, 2016

The Spacetime Engineering team is excited to announce the completed development and availability of our 4-port feed network product line stretching from C-Band through Ka-Band. The networks span, respectively, the entire frequency band in linear and circular polarization configurations. Linear/circular polarization remote switchable or manual changeover configurations are also available for each network.

Each network type has been designed and manufactured to achieve exceptional performance, including very low ohmic losses and high polarization discrimination. This RF performance is a tribute to cutting edge design processes in combination with proprietary manufacturing methods. This RF performance has been demonstrated with the shipment of multiple units for each kind compliant and exceeding specifications. Additionally, the small form factor enables the integration in antennas large and small.

Please refer to the individual data sheets on our Products page for detailed performance parameters. The respective part numbers are:

  • P/N 10055-001: 4-port C-Band CP
  • P/N 10050-001: 4-port C-Band LP
  • P/N 10012-004: 4-port Ku-Band LP
  • P/N 10015-010: 4-port Ka-Band CP
  • P/N 10114-002: 4-port Ka-Band LP

Quantity pricing and short delivery times are available for these standard products.


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