What We Do

We offer customized design, manufacturing and testing for RF components and feed networks, as well as antenna designs and antenna performance predictions including Antenna Gain, Noise Temperature, and Patterns.

The Spacetime Engineering team has extensive experience with customized antenna feed configurations ranging from simple transmit/receive, circularly polarized 2-ports to complex multi-band, multi-polarity, multi-port feeds including additional requirements such as high polarization discrimination, high power capability, narrow guard-bands, and low passive inter-modulation (PIM) compliance.

We also provide engineering and consulting services for areas such as antenna feed upgrades, high volume manufacturing, and antenna testing and certification.

Our Services

Antenna Feeds

State-of-the-art feeds, designed, manufactured and tested for frequencies from 1 – 140 GHz

RF Components

High quality, high performance RF components, produced using vertically integrated manufacturing processes.

Feed Upgrades

Efficient and cost-effective solutions for diverse antenna upgrade requirements, large or small.

Specialized Services

Transforming demanding requirements into comprehensive solutions.